Dealing with demons

When we take up a spiritual practice it is common to begin to have demons pop up in our lives. Maybe not demons in the way we think of them in the West, but demons in terms of anger, jealousy, boredom, hate, and so on. They are often referred to as mental afflictions. These demons manifest in our lives externally for example, as an irritating person. We have to learn to take up arms and tame these demons (in this example irritation). However, too often do we try to fight them by perpetuating the demons back at other people or escape them by running away. When we do this they continue to pop back up in our lives. If we want to rid ourselves of these demons and mental afflictions we need to learn to embrace them to dissolve them. We can even use them to help us over come them. A wonderful example that Lama Marut uses in the podcast below is using anger to get angry at anger, and eliminate it. If you are interested in a deeper understanding of these tactics, check out the podcast below and let us know how you eliminate your demons in the comments!

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